Healthy Resources

Some places online that have helped with the natural health kick… in no particular order.

Coombe Farm – mail order grass fed, organic meat, fish, bones for bone broth and all that jazz. Not cheap but totally worth it. It all comes incredibly well packaged and even though the packing material is as environmentally friendly as possible, I try to put in fewer big orders instead of lots of small ones.

Photo by MichaƂ Grosicki on Unsplash

Dr Mark Hyman, MD on Facebook – not everyone gets along with Dr Hyman but I love him. He’s a Functional Medicine doctor and his posts include recipes, health tips, pointers to new research and generally interesting stuff about good health.

Blissful Deep Relaxation – this youtube guided meditation is so good to chill out to. At first I found myself wondering why the man was talking to me so weirdly, but you get used to it and the weirdness is more than compensated for by the sound of the waves. Even if I start off in a lovely upright position when listening to this, I usually end up totally limp. It’s about 18 minutes long.

Release Negative Thoughts Meditation – this guided meditation is set at Uluru and there’s just something about it that worked for me. It’s also about 18 minutes long.

The Public Health Collaboration Eating Guidelines – PHCuk is a charity that provides information and aims to influence decisions that improve public health. The report and other info on the link above are both good resources. Dr Rangan Chatterjee who you might know from the Doctor in the House BBC series is one of the PHCuk Advisory Board members.

Jessica Murnane’s recipes – Jessica Murnane wrote an excellent cookbook called One Part Plant (in Dunbar Library BTW) and I loved both the food and her style. She’s very non-judgemental and talks with honestly and humour about her experiences.

The Ultimate Health Podcast – this is my listening during the many hours of dogwalking that I am lucky enough to do and features in depth interviews with loads of really interesting characters from the natural health world. There are also little 10 minute segments if you don’t have much time. The presenters are Canadian and therefore super-likeable and even though I suspect that they inhabit a slightly different planet from me, it’s fun spending time with them.

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