I’m Ellen, I live on the east coast of Scotland in a fantastic little seaside town, and although I’ve always had an interest in natural health and wellbeing, starting a course in Naturopathic Nutrition really kickstarted my efforts.

As I got going, I found some things easier than others, and struggled with many of the resources out there (I’ll be honest, I’m talking about some of the queens of ‘wellness’ with their amazing glows and larders full of perfectly curated and nose-bleedingly expensive ingredients) because shifting lifestyles is portrayed as being so effortless. I don’t necessarily find it so – sometimes it’s time that gets me, sometimes choosing healthy food seems really expensive, and sometimes I just can’t raise myself to sell a delicious veggie-heavy, antioxidant loaded, blood-sugar friendly meal to my kids only to be met with their sad little faces as they realise that sausages are off the menu.

Of course, I wouldn’t be doing this unless there was a payoff, and for me, when I’m managing to ‘live well’ I do have more energy and more fun, and now that it appears that my generation will have to work until we are about 106, it seems like a good idea to at least try to make this life a healthy one.

This blog is an honest account of my efforts, successful or otherwise!

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